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International Protection Opens Up for UK Designers

Protecting any form of intellectual property overseas can potentially be expensive, and so over the years various systems have been developed to allow for cost savings as well as making the admin

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World IP Day

There truly is a World Day for everything and IP (Intellectual Property) is no exception.  Celebrated

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Does this mean I can use ©? Does this mean I can use ©?
Author: on 15/05/2018
Some of the most common questions I get asked relate to the use of © and its sisters ™ and ®.  But what is often misunderstood is their precise meaning, as well as the circumstances in which they can be used.  Only one of them has a recognised legal meaning, and if misused you are committing a criminal offence! So, what do they mean and when can they be used? © means copyright.  From a day to day business perspective it will protect literary works (content) and artistic works (photographs and graphics), although it will also apply to sound and video recordings. ...